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Fan4Racing is always looking for fans willing to blog on our site.  Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced blogger is fine with us.

Blogging can be a lot of fun and people really do want to know varying perspectives of what’s happening within our favorite sport. 

Fans submitting articles should expect aggressive editing for grammar and flow, for publication-ready approval.  With a two-way communication process we work together for the purpose of enhancing your article for publication.

If you have a story or perspective to share or just want to explore and enhance your writing skill let Fan4Racing know – we’re always ready to welcome a new blogger to our site.  

We also have Fan Bloggers submitting articles less frequently, as current NASCAR news inspires them to share their views.  Are you next?

Make Fan4Racing your blogging home-base as a Fan of NASCAR!

5 thoughts on “Blog With Us

  1. Why isn’t brad being mwde to go to anger management. He sure needs it. He has been an ass all year. I used respect him, not anymore. HE IS A JERK.

  2. Nascar favors chevrolet … When you have someone hear an appeal that has had a working relationship not only with the team owner but also the manufacturer .. How can you ever think that the outcome would be anything less than a reversal of all sanctions and penalties .
    Nascar limited teams to 4 and yet Hendrick and SHS share meeting and information giving them the advantage of having 8 teams . How does this help a single car team ? How does an underfunded team have a chance against all the technical help that is there .

  3. Long-time Richard Petty fan who has been trying for several years to shake his hand @ Sonoma and have him autograph a model of his all-conquering 1967 Plymouth. Unfortunately being a fan isn’t enough; seems you have to have connections and/or a “Hot Pass” to gain entry to the pits/Petty. Can anybody help for this Sunday 6/26??? I’ve got tickets but need help with credentials/connections or ideas. Would GREATLY appreciate any assistance!!

  4. Hi! Considering attending The Glen for the first time. Where should I sit? Thanks very much! Mike on Long Island, NY

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