Kyle vs. Kyle – All’s Fair in Love and Racing at Chicagoland Speedway

Photo – Chicagoland Speedway

After a dramatic finish to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Overton’s 400 at Chicagoland Speedway, with Kyle Busch bumping Kyle Larson on the white flag lap to send the No. 42 spinning and take his No. 18 to Victory Lane.  This was following Larson getting into the quarter panel of Busch in the previous corner, allowing him to get by and take the lead.  While the crowd at Chicagoland Speedway expressed their displeasure, showering Kyle Busch with boos as he completed his cool down lap and celebrated on the front stretch – Larson was not one of them.

As he drove past Kyle Busch on the cool-down lap, Larson gave Busch a thumbs up and told his crew over the radio how fun that was.  Larson visited Busch in makeshift Victory Lane in the garage area where the damaged  No. 18 ended up.  Larson’s expressed his feelings and opinions in both his post-race interview and press conference in the Media Center.

“Oh man, I’m not upset.  I had an opportunity there to slide in front of him and I figured I wouldn’t clear him or I would allow him to drive back underneath me.  So, I tried to get to his door and you know I opened the door for him to retaliate into (turn) three.  I thought it was free game.  I ran into him first, he got me after that, maybe a little bit worse than I got him, but that is alright.  I love racing Kyle (Busch).  I know all these fans are probably mad at him, but hey we put on a hell of a show for you guys and that was a blast. “

Kyle Larson referenced his dirt track racing, saying that is how it goes, you bump me, I bump you.  It’s all fair and the main thing is that the fans got their money’s worth and a great show.

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